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Please click here for testing Terms and Conditions.  Terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.

Prices on New Samples:  $20.00 on any one test, AM, NH, CA, or DD. Additional tests from the same sample are $12.00 per test.  For example, a AM test and a DD test would be $32.00.   An animal needing AM, NH, CA and DD would be $56.00.  Prices on archived samples or TH and PHA vary, please call SRC for archived sample prices

Orders must include this form or another printout, such as a printout from your association, containing the following information: Permission for release, Association Name, Membership Number, Animal Tag/Tattoo, Animal Reg. or BIR #, Sex of Animal, and DOB of Animal.  If the animal is not registered and does not have a BIR, the sire reg. # and dam reg. # are required if you want the test results released to an association.

First Time Orders must include this form.  It contains customer's name, address, contact, credit card and/or  billing information.  Once you are in our system this form is not necessary unless you are paying by credit card.

Genetic Testing  Sample Submission Instructions, Forms & Prices

   Stockman's Resource Center offers a full line of genetic defect tests in cattle, specializing in AM, NH, CA, DD, TH,  and PHA.   We offer a faster turn around time than most labs and customer service that is unbeatable.  At Stockman's we understand the concerns and frustrations involved in genetic defect testing since we are cattlemen ourselves.  Our goal is to provide you the customer, fast, friendly service at a fair price.  We can accept blood cards, hair cards, semen straws and whole blood.  Please note that whole blood samples must be transferred to blood cards for testing  and there is an additional fee of $1.00 per whole blood tube sent.  Also, if your animal is a twin or you suspect it might have been a twin, hair samples will be necessary.

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